What if busy wasn’t the answer?

Date: 14 July 2021 -
Tags: busy

What if busy wasn’t the answer? You have a choice.

‘’How are you today? ‘Yea…I’m good. Busy’

‘How has your weekend been? Good?’ ‘Yes! It was really good, busy, but good busy!’

‘Hey want to go for a coffee with me?’ ‘Maybe next time…just a little busy’

Sound familiar? I bet!

It’s become part of us.

As a society, we have become so good at navigating life from one thing to another, one commitment to another without even flinching. It has become so normal for us to just keep doing and doing and running. We are so BUSY yet don’t realise it.

Is BUSY the new fad? Maybe.

And we’ve probably already heard this a million times, but I am going to say it again…

Social media has a huge role to play! We get in there, scroll, and the comparison gremlins start rearing its ugly head…and we’re off to getting BUSY again!

Because if they’ve shared a post today, I must too.

If they’ve launched that project today, then I better get doing!

They’ve shared today, done the post, done the stories, done the live, done the facebook, sent out the email. Then I better get to work and get BUSY doing!

Busy is not the answer!

What if I tell you busy didn’t have to be the answer? What if I told you that constantly getting things done wasn’t the answer?

What if I told you slowing down was the better option?

But this….

This is what I believe is better than busy, better than slowing down.


We live in a highly distracted world; constant connections have taken away the ability for us humans to focus! We’re jumping from one thing to another. We get onto social media perhaps to look for something, but we end up scrolling aimlessly for so much longer, and not even knowing what we were looking for in the first place!

Been there? I know I have.

Manage our focus.

What if the problem is not entirely on the amount that needs to be done, but instead on the amount of time we are actually able to focus on the given task?

Having better focus means we are able to fully commit, to fully give the task at hand the attention we need, to give it our best ability.

This is what I call MANAGING YOUR FOCUS.

Live a focused life!

May I challenge you to try these out?

  1. Set the task to be completed. If you’re a goal setting person, then you want to make sure that your goals are SMART.
  2. Set a day and time that you plan to work on the said task.
  3. Turn all devices to silent. If you can, why not even leave the device in another room?
  4. Set a location/space to work on said task.
  5. Set yourself the challenge to get focused on the given task! Do what works for you, for some they can work in a longer stretch of time, and for others they need frequent breaks! Do what works, but keep your focus on the task!

Personally, this works for me provided the task is in bite size and realistically achievable for the given day or time frame. SO make sure your GOALS are SMART! (if you want to learn more about goal setting or creating vision boards, you can read more here).

Give this a go!

Manage your FOCUS. Busy doesn’t have to be the answer!

Busyness will seemingly find us; but we have to be intentional to live a focused life. Without being intentional, we would more likely than not be influenced by what the world thinks we should be doing. It compromises our values, and more than that can impact our daily living, relationships, health, both physical and mental.

You have a choice. Make the choice to manage your focus, and do what’s most important, one thing at a time.

Let me know how you go with this. Leave me a comment or share with me on my social media pages here on Instagram or over at Facebook.

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