I just feel heavy in my heart

Date: 29 July 2021 -
Cat: Mums -

I was talking to a mum over the weekend, and even though she looked happy, and life seemed to be going well, she said to me..’Mon, I just feel heavy in my heart..’

I couldn’t help but wonder how many more mums are walking around feeling heavy…

I must admit, I have been there many times, but recently so after a very hurtful situation which involved a very good friend. It was months and months of prayer and submission to His word, for me to finally be able to say, that burden is now laid down, at His feet.

I surrendered.

Heaviness in our hearts can be debilitating; we feel we are being dragged around, tossed around without much care.

As mums, we are naturally nurturers; we care and love others around us, without thinking much of what we need or want for a while. It is a phase of life we go through with young kids to care for, we forget out hearts need some care too. To add to it, life happens. Relationshops take work, time and patience, all of which we often find ourselves lacking.

Friendships need investment of our time and emotions. We often run on empty, how much more can we fill our friendships?

Our souls are weary just from all that needs to be done in the day. We feel not much more love at the end of the day. How do we love anymore at 2am?

When our hearts are heavy, everything seems heavier to carry. Everything seems like a heavier burden to endure.

What do you do in that season of heaviness in your heart?

Firstly? You need to give yourself permission to feel that heaviness. We are humans, and we too have breaking points. That heaviness must be acknowleged. Where is the heaviness coming from? What is holding you there? Go deeper into that heaviness. Is it frustration? Is it unresolved anger? Bitterness? An estranged relationshsip? Insecurity? Call it out! There is usually that one niggly underlying issue that’s bearing you down!

Secondly, give yourself grace! If He gives us enough Grace for our daily needs, then we need to fully rely on that grace of God to not only be gracious towards others, but also towards ourselves. You need to see yourself as deserving of that grace. His grace gives us space to fail, but also to pick ourselves up again. That heaviness can bear you down, but it can’t hold you there. Let His grace move you to a place of rest.

Thirdly? PRAY PRAY PRAY! Your prayer is a mighty weapon, and so it should be used. That heaviness is the enemy’s way of keeping you away from praying. The enemy will sow thoughts of self doubt, of heaviness, despair, so you feel sorry for yourself, you feel down and miserable. When you’re there, you probably don’t want to pray! But that is exactly what we need to be doing. To do the exact thing called PRAY. Pray without ceasing, mums. Don’t let the enemy take us captive in that place of heaviness.


Be still and wait. Can we be patient and wait? Really? That would be very hard for mums who are so used to running around getting things done. But in that heaviness, it is so important that we wait on Him. Pray and wait. There is lots to be learned in that season of praying and waiting. When we wait patiently, He speaks into our hearts, He speaks into areas of our lives we may not want to go. He reveals to us our very character that perhaps we don’t want to deal with. And being still, we get to listen to His voice. There is value and power in waiting. There is lessons to be learnt in that time of waiting.

Mums, if you are reading this, I am praying that if you find yourself in a season of heaviness, you remember that His ways are higher. We don’t always understand why we go through certain trials, but every experience we endure, is for His plan and purpose in our lives. When we find ourselves heavy with a burden, remember the privilege we have to lay our burdens at His feet.

You are loved and worthy, and this season of heaviness? Trust in His purpose. This too shall pass.

‘Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you’ (1 Peter 5:7 NIV)

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